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Miles Today 14 – Trip Total 380">Clyde Smith Shelter, TN – Overmountain Shelter, TN
Miles Today 14 – Trip Total 380

Posted By on May 16, 2011

    The morning after our biggest day yet feels exactly like you think it would… not too great. Even the very bottom of my feet hurt. The best part is that i know we get to climb Roan Mountain today. It promises to be a very steep very long climb of 2000ft it just a few miles. After a slow morning and extra strong coffee we head out. Half an hour in we decide it is one of those rock our to music and just get it done kind of days. With earphones in we somehow manage to make it to the top. On our way to the shelter for lunch we pass a chimney right next to the trail. The guide book says that it belonged to an old hotel resort called Cloudland that was booming in the 1800′s through the 1900′s and was torn down in 1915 after the area had been logged. It somehow reminded me of the movie the Shinning, with that in mind we hurried down the mountain. Around four thirty we reached our destination, a old barn that had been converted into a shelter for hikers. Along with our friends Veggie and Squared and about twelve section hikers we hid out from the rain and tried to stay warm and get some sleep.